Working With Me

You. Me. We. 

Your journey to self-love doesn’t have to be done alone. Guidance and assistance along the way can make those more difficult times a bit easier to go through and learn from. 

What We Do

During our sessions, we will break down these elements step by step to help you get to the route of your healing. We will also instill practices and techniques for you to use in your day-to-day life.

Getting to Know Yourself

So much of what we say, do, or think is filtered through what we believe others expect of us. What would change in your life? How would you feel, if you really took the time to realize what you enjoy?

Your Acknowledge Fear..And Do It Anyway

Once you know what your interests are and you have started getting clear about what brings you joy; It is time for the next step. Taking that leap of faith and trusting yourself in the process

Self Care is NOT a To List

Self-love usually conjures up thoughts of luxurious retreats, yoga, etc. What if I told you that self-love is not a task, but a state of mind! Learn how to make self-love automatic and not just a catchphrase.

Clear Communication

Communication is the key to all relationships, be it friendships, love relationships or even business relationships. The real issue comes in when we are not able to communicate clearly and effectively. Communication involves being able to really listen to what is being said, without being reactive and saying exactly what you mean in a non-reactive way. When we become triggered in some way, if we cannot calm the reactive energy then communication has broken down.

Honesty & Transparency

This ties boundaries and communication altogether. We have to be open and honest about what we need and what we are willing to provide in our relationships. This is not a one-time thing either, these honest conversations should happen regularly because we are ever-evolving and what worked last year, month or even yesterday may have changed. If we learn to respect our own transparency and that of others we will save ourselves so much confusion and pain.

Let the people talk!

I am so grateful for this woman!! Tiffany has helped me to progress so much in my life. With her support and guidance, I have been able to break through many barriers to self-love and allowing love in. She has an intuitive and gentle approach to uncovering the truth, while also assisting me with staying accountable throughout the process. From healing tears to tears of joy and everything in between, she has championed my growth into real self-love. Having Tiffany as my coach is the best investment I’ve made thus far! Don’t take my word for it, book a session now!!

Mary J.

Tiffaney is an amazing coach because to want to help people learn how to love themselves has to come from someone who has a good heart and purpose. Using her services I was able to see my value and my worth and what I mean to myself and understand what that looks like.

Tosh S.

Tiffaney has been an incredible light and guiding factor in my life. She looks at the whole of you as you are now, both inside and out to establish a connection with the most beautiful version of you. Her ability to hold space and at the same time show you where you're meant to be is life-changing. This beautiful soul has acted as an on-earth Spirit Guide for me during my healing journey, and I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with her. More than highly recommend her to anyone seeking inner healing!

BreAnne S.