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Coaching Sessions

Self Love Coaching

Self Love Coaching Sessions

Build a healthier you

During these sessions, we will spend time diving into what is holding you back from completely loving yourself, as you are in this now moment. We will explore ways to bring self-love into your everyday life and make meaningful and lasting changes. Together we will build strategies that are doable in everyday life to get you closer to the most important person in your life…YOU.  

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching Sessions

Build healthier relationships

During these sessions, all relationships are on the table, and how you can start showing up in ways that honor you and make you feel good. We will talk about your current relationships, past relationships, and how they are possibly contributing to the ways you show up in your present ones. We will also get clear about your friendships and family relationships and how you are showing up in them. I will help you access where you can bring more authenticity to these relationships and tips on how to do that. 

Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching Sessions

Build a healthier partnership

Similar to Relationship Coaching Sessions, these can also be coupled coaching sessions. In these, we work both individually and as a couple to work through potential pitfalls, any issues that may be causing a breakdown in communication, relationship growth, and all the things in between.

Self-love Packages

Self-love Packages

Healing Takes Time

Deep healing does not occur overnight, it takes time. These packages include all of the growth benefits of our other sessions but as a 3-month, 6-session package deal. 

Up to $60 in savings! 

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What’s next?

Step 1

Schedule a Consult

Book your FREE consultation appointment to assess where you are along your journey

Step 2

Create your plan

We work together to create a custom plan for your journey into your new life

Step 3

Your Journey Begins

The journey begins with YOU. WE work together to give you the tools you need

Step 1 | Book A Consult

Let’s start together…

You Me We

During our One Hour Sessions, nothing is off the table. My goal is to assist you in falling deeper in love with yourself. Sometimes that will be how to set boundaries with friends, family, or co-workers, getting clear about the fears that hold you back from your dreams (and how to release them), or maybe loving yourself as you are so that you can show up fully with a partner. Each session builds upon the one before it and they are as unique and dynamic as you are. 

You choose a starting point and we follow the flow of where that takes us.

Step 2 | Book A Session

How to choose a session…

Following Your Own Flow

Lets us the info that is already there. Together we will help you choose the right session type for you and your goals. 

Step 3 | Your Journey Begins Now

How to move forward…

Using your tools

After your very first session, you will have a few “tools” to help you get to the next step. We will figure out what your ideal life looks like and break that down into smaller chunks. The tools, which we will keep adding to, will help you to reach those milestones. It will also help you to stay motivated and even course-correct when things don’t go as planned. Ultimately, remember this is your own personal journey, and each experience on your journey is teaching you more about yourself.

Let the people talk!

I am so grateful for this woman!! Tiffaney has helped me to progress so much in my life. With her support and guidance, I have been able to break through many barriers to self-love and allowing love in. She has an intuitive and gentle approach to uncovering the truth, while also assisting me with staying accountable throughout the process. From healing tears to tears of joy and everything in between, she has championed my growth into real self-love. Having Tiffaney as my coach is the best investment I’ve made thus far! Don’t take my word for it, book a session now!!

Mary J.

Tiffaney is an amazing coach because to want to help people learn how to love themselves has to come from someone who has a good heart and purpose. Using her services I was able to see my value and my worth and what I mean to myself and understand what that looks like. She is an incredible coach and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to learn true unconditional love for themselves and within their life.

Tosh S.

Tiffaney has been an absolute gift to my life. Throughout the last year, she helped me realize my own inner power and confidence in work and in life. She has guided me through relationship troubles, career decisions, and even more so, helped me in healing aspects of my inner child I didn't even know needed healing. She is absolutely incredible and anyone would be lucky to work with her and to have her guidance. Highly, highly recommend!

BreAnne S.